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{ "Vino da Uva" - Wine from Grapes - March 2016 - compiled by John Wheaver    (who?)     (chi?) }               

Barbaresco da uva             -                Barolo da uva               

  - These producers make wine without using comparatively new small barrels in its vinification or maturation -

Perhaps we can soon say that this deviation from the unique and great character of these wines has become rare - and to record these producers as heroes who stood firm against a foreign fad. But we may remain cautious a little longer.
The producers and suppliers listed may not agree with the opinions expressed - especially the UK suppliers.

Producer  Location Produces   barriques?  clarifying  UK  



Accomasso Lorenzo La Morra Barolo No Raeburn Fine Wines
Adriano, Marco e Vittorio S Rocco S d'Elvio Barbaresco No no Piemonte-Wines
Alessandria F.lli Az. Agr. Verduno Barolo inc.ton'x Berry Bros
Alessandria Silvio La Morra Barolo No
Anselma Giacomo Serralunga Barolo No
Araldica Vini Piemontesi Sc arl Castel Boglione (AT) B'lo & B'sco No
Settimo Aurelio Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo No Vernon; Waterloo; Wines of Quality
Barale F.lli Az. Agr. Barolo Barolo No
Bava Az.Vitiv. Castiglion F. Barolo No Berry Bros
Bel Colle Verduno B'lo & B'sco No
Bersano Nizza Monf Barolo No
Boffa Carlo & Figli Barbaresco Barbaresco No
Romano Bonino Barbaresco Barbaresco No
Fratelli S & B Borgogno Barolo B'lo & B'sco No (negotiating)
Borgogno Francesco Barolo Barolo No
Borgogno Giacomo e figli Barolo B'lo & B'sco No Pimlico Dozen = Vintage Cellars
Brezza Giacomo e figli Barolo Barolo No no Winemakers Club; Cockburn & C
Bric Cenciurio Barolo Barolo No yes
Burlotto Comm. G.B. Verduno Barolo No
La Ca Nova Az. Agr. Barbaresco Barbaresco No Passione Vino
Cabutto Bartolomeo Barolo Barolo No
Camerano Vittorio Az. Agr. Barolo Barolo No {none}
Canonica Giovanni Az. Agr Barolo Barolo No no Raeburn
Cappellano Serralunga Barolo No
Cascina delle Rose Barbaresco Barbaresco No no Passione Vino
Casetta Casa Vinicola Vezza d'Alba Barolo No no
Castello di Verduno Verduno B'lo & B'sco No Justerini & B; Lay & W
Tenimenti Famiglia Cavallero Scurzolengo (AT) Barolo No {none}
Cavallotto F.lli Az. Agr. Castiglion Falletto Barolo No no Haynes H; Goedhuis; Lay & W
Cogno Elvio Novello B'lo & B'sco No Passione Vino
Poderi Colla S.Rocco S d'Elvio B'lo & B'sco No yes Boutinot
Poderi Aldo Conterno Monforte Barolo No Liberty Wines
Conterno Giacomo Monforte Barolo No Berry Bros; Raeburn
Conterno Paolo Monforte Barolo No Justerini & B; Berry Bros
Cortese Giuseppe Barbaresco Barbaresco No Berry Bros
Costa di Bussia (Sartirano) Monforte Barolo No Hallgarten
Costa Teo Castellinaldo B'lo & B'sco No
Il Cravé Az. Agr. Treiso Barbaresco No
Fratelli de Nicola srl Monforte Barolo No no
Vignaioli Elvio Pertinace Treiso Barbaresco tonneaux
Erbaluna s.s. Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo No
Fenocchio Giacomo Monforte Barolo No no
Fontana Ettore Az.Agr Castiglion Falletto Barolo No no {none}
Fontana Livia Castiglion Falletto Barolo No no {none}
Fontana Mario Perno,Castiglion F Barolo No no Vino Ltd; Berry Bros
Fracassi Umberto Cherasco Barolo No Passione Vino
Gabutti Boasso Az.Agr. Serralunga Barolo (no)± no {none}
Giacosa Bruno Neive Barbaresco No
Giordano Luigi Az Agr. Barbaresco Barbaresco No no
Lequio Ugo Neive Barbaresco No
Cascina Luisin Barbaresco B'lo & B'sco No Justerini & B
Fratelli Manera Az Agr San Rocco Barbaresco tonnx
Poderi Marcarini Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo No Berry Bros; Averys; Raeburn
Mascarello Bartolo Barolo Barolo No Passione Vino; Berry Bros
Mascarello Giuseppe & Figlio Monchiero/Castigl'n F B'lo & B'sco No no Berry Bros; Lay & Wheeler
Massolino Vigna Rionda Az. Agr. Serralunga Barolo No {"Parafada" barriq 2002-'07} J&B; Liberty
Monchiero F.lli Castiglion Falletto Barolo No no {none}
Musso Az. Agr. Barbaresco Barbaresco No no
Negro Angelo & Figli Treiso/ Monteu R Barbaresco No no {none}
Nicolello Vezza d'Alba Barolo No
Oddero Poderi e Cantine La Morra Barolo No
Vignetti Luigi Oddero La Morra B'lo & B'sco No
Paitin Az. Agr. Neive Barbaresco (no)± no Laytons
Pecchenino Dogliani Barolo No
Piazzo Armando San Rocco Barbaresco No
Azienda Vitivinicola Pier Treiso B'lo & B'sco No
Porro Guido Serralunga Barolo No no Lay & Wheeler
Principiano Ferdinando Monforte Barolo No
Principiano Giuseppe Monforte Barolo No
Produttori del Barbaresco Barbaresco Barbaresco No Valvona & Crolla
La Querciola Farigliano Barolo No
Rinaldi Francesco & Figli. Alba Barolo No yes
Rinaldi Giuseppe Az. Agr. Barolo Barolo No Raeburn Fine Wines
Pietro Rinaldi Az. Agr. Madonna di Como B'lo & B'sco No
Rivella Serafino Barbaresco Barbaresco No Berry Bros; Raeburn
Rizzi Az. Agr. Treiso Barbaresco No
Roagna Az. Agr. Barbaresco B'sco & B'lo No no Berry Bros; HS Fine Wines; Raeburn
Rocche Costamagna La Morra Barolo No no Mille Gusti
Cantina Gigi Rosso Castiglion Falletto Barolo No yes
Rosso Giovanni di Rosso Davide Serralunga Barolo No
Salvano Diano B'lo & B'sco No Cibo Wholesale
San Silvestro (Sartirano) Novello B'lo & B'sco No Amps; Hallgarten
Az. Agr. Santamaria di Walter Viberti La Morra Barolo No no
Elio Sandri Az. Vitiv. Monforte Barolo No no Passione Vino
Scarzello Barolo Barolo No Phoenix Wine Agencies
Schiavenza Serralunga Barolo No no HS Fine Wines
Seghesio Monforte Barolo No
Sordo Giovanni Castiglion F Blo & Bsco No
La Spinona Az. Agr. Barbaresco B'sco & B'lo No
Terre del Barolo Castiglion Falletto Barolo No no
Viberti Giovanni Az. Agr. Barolo Barolo No
Villadoria Serralunga Barolo No
Zunino Attilio Az. Agr. Serralunga Barolo No {none}
Roddolo Flavio Monforte Barolo Old!!
      some brq:-  

    comments:  & {UK source}

Ciabot Berton Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo 1 cru brq no "Ciabot B"- not; "Roggeri"- brq {UK: Laytons; Majestic}
Bovio Gianfranco Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo 1 cru brq no only "Arborina" barrique
Piero Busso Soc. Agr. Neive Barbaresco 1 cru brq Borgese(Albesani) & Mondino(Balluri) not brq
Ca del Baio Treiso Barbaresco 1 cru ~brq; 1 ton Valgrande classic; Marcarini OLD brq; Asili part-tonnx. {no UK agent}
Elio Filippino Neive Barolo 1 cru brq only Bsco-Sorì Capelli barrique
Giacosa Carlo Az. Agr. Barbaresco Barbaresco 1 label brq only "Narin" barriq - NOT crus!
Elio Grasso Az. Monforte Barolo 1 cru brq only "Rüncot" barriq {UK: Lay & Wheeler}
Rivetto Az. Agr. Sinio Barolo 1 cru barriq yes Barolo DOCG Riserva Leon barriq
Ronchi Az. Agr. Barbaresco Barbaresco no bra after 2011? 2006-2009 'base' brq; 2006-2011 'cru' brq
Terre da Vino Barolo B'lo & B'sco 1 Barolo brq no only Barolo "Essenze" barriq. (2nd use) {UK: Vinum}
      some not:-    
Cascina Balarin Morra Barolo 1 cru not Bricco Rocca not
Cigliuti Fratelli Neive Barbaresco 1 cru not Vigna Erte not barriq {UK: Berry Bros}
Franco Conterno Monforte Barolo 1 cru not Pugnane not
Germano Ettore di G Sergio Serralunga Barolo 1 cru not Prapò not
Silvio Grasso Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo 1 label not Barolo Turnè not barriq ~ Turnè means 'retro'
Montaribaldi s.s. Az. Ag. Barbaresco B'lo & B'sco Barolo not Barolo 'Borzoni' not barriq (3 x barbaresco barriq)
Palladino Az Agr. Serralunga B'lo & B'sco 1 cru not (B'sco not) Barolo Ornato & Barbaresco not bq {UK: Piemonte-Wines}
Fratelli Revello La Morra Barolo 1 cru not Gattera not
Reverdito Michele Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo 1 label not Barolo Boscatto not barriq
Stroppiana Az. Agr. La Morra Barolo 1 cru not Gabutti-Bussia not barriq
G.D. Vajra Barolo Barolo 1 cru not Bricco Delle Viole not
Vietti Az. Agr. Castiglion F Barolo 1 cru not “Rocche” &" Ris. Villero" 4 week malo-lac in barriq {UK: Vinum}




      Old!= only OLD barriques   "none" may imply seeking an agent
      (no)± = 'botte'- some NEW   UK agents listed below


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By following this list you may miss some genuine wines that suffer no detectable barrique influence.
(For instance, at Cascina Morassino they develop their Barbaresco in barrique before it all goes into large 'botti' - specifically to avoid oak on the nose. The great house of Prunotto, which did not use barriques in the era of Beppe and Tino Colla, today does not use new barriques; clearly the introduction of organoleptic wood elements is not in their philosophy. Enrico Scavino makes a point among his Barolo accounts that he uses "neutral" French oak . And I felt compelled to list Flavio Roddolo who uses exclusively old 'exhausted' barriques. "They are just containers..").
But non-use of new (or 2nd or 3rd passage) barriques is fact - while the lack of excessive oak presence (even the undetectability of oak) is opinion, and may vary considerably year on year. So the only way to give reliable guidance to initially avoiding intrusive oak 'odour' and cloying tannins has been to identify producers who add none. These practices do still occur - in which less tannin (and other constituents) is extracted from the grape, by short or cool maceration, and the diminished quantities replaced by foreign substances, notably tannins, that are unrelated to “the product of freshly gathered grapes” that is: wine.

The non-use of clarifying agent, besides indicating less interference with the process, is useful information for vegetarians, and especially vegans, who avoid consuming egg and fish products. (The mineral 'bentonite' is not generally used on fine wines as is does extract even more character from the wine than do other agents).

    UK Sources:
Amps Fine Wines Amps Fine Wines, 6 Market Place, Oundle PE8 4BQ; tel. 01832 273502
Averys Averys Wine Merchants, 9 Culver Street, Bristol BS1 5LD; tel. 0117 9214146
Berry Bros & Rudd Berry Bros & Rudd, Hamilton Close. Houndmills. Basingstoke RG21 6YB. tel, 01256 323566
Boutinot Limited Brook House, Northenden Road Gatley, SK8 4DN; tel. 0161 908 1300; customerservices@boutinot.com
Cibo Wholesale Cibo Wholesale Ltd.; 01179 769 895; jonathan@cibo.co.uk; www.cibo.co.uk
Cockburn & Campbell Ltd C & C Ltd The Brewery Havelock St; Bedford MK40 4LU; 01234 272766; justin.sims@candcwines.co.uk
Fields Morris & Verdin Unit 2, Bankside Industrial Estate, 5-11 Summer Street, London, SE1 9JZ, UK tel. 020 7589 5753
Goedhuis & Co. Ltd Goedhuis 6 Rudolf Place, Miles Street, London SW8 1RP; tel. 0207 793 7900; sales"at"goedhuis"d0t"com
Hallgarten Druitt Wines Dallow Road Luton Beds, LU1 1UR; tel. 01582 722 538; sales@hallgartendruitt.co.uk
Haynes Hanson & Clark Sheep Street, Stow On The Wold, GL54 1AA; tel. 0145 187 0808; stow@hhandc.co.uk
HS Fine Wines 76 Impington Lane, Impington, Cambridge CB24 9NJ; tel: +44 1223 234604; hector.scicluna@ntlworld.com
Justerini & Brooks Justerini & Brooks, 61 St. James's Street, London SW1A 1LZ
Lay & Wheeler Ltd Holton Park, Holton St. Mary, Suffolk CO7 6NN; tel: 0845 330 1855; sales@laywheeler.com
Laytons Laytons Wine Merchants Ltd., 7-9 Elliott's Place, London, N1 8HX; tel. 020 7288 8888, sales@laytons.co.uk
Liberty Wines Unit D18 The Food Market, New Covent Garden, SW8 5LL; tel. 020 7720 5350; info@libertywine.co.uk
Majestic Wines Majestic House, Otterspool Way, Watford WD2 8HL Phone: 01923 298200; info@majestic.co.uk
Mille Gusti Mille Gusti, 17 Rosebery Gardens London W13 0HD UK; tel. 020 8997 3932 millegusti@hotmail.com
Passione Vino Ltd 15-17 Ingate Place, Arch 71a, London SW8 3NS; tel. 0207 720 1600; info@passionevino.co.uk
Phoenix Wines Phoenix Wine Agencies; tel. 01691 654499; phoenixwineagencies@hotmail.com
Piemonte Wines Hot Button Ltd Trading as Piemonte Wines; tel. +44 (0) 1635 246 242; info@piemonte-wines.com
Pimlico Dozen (Trade) Pimlico Cellar Agencies, 33 Churton St, London SW1V 2LT; tel. 020 7834 3647 agencies@winecellarsales.co.uk
Raeburn Fine Wines Raeburn Fine Wines, 21/23 Comely Bank Road, Edinburgh EH4 1DS; tel. 0131 343 1159
Valvona & Crolla Valvona & Crolla Ltd., 13 Elm Row, Edinburgh EH7 4AA; tel. 0131 556 6066; sales@valvonacrolla.co.uk
Vernon Wines Vernon Wines Ltd., W.Africa House, Hanger Lane, Ealing W5 3QR; tel.020 7221 2864
Vino Ltd Club Vino, 2 Quayside, Ferry Road, Topsham EX3 0JJ tel 01392 873778 info@vino.co.uk
Vinum Vinum, 1 Barrow Walk, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 0RA UK; 020 88474699 vinum@vinum.co.uk
Waterloo Wine Co. Waterloo Wine Co, 6 Vine Yard, Borough, London SE1 1QL; tel.020 7403 7967; sales@waterloowine.co.uk
The Winemakers Club John Baum, 20 Gladstone Street, London SE1 6EY; tel: 07793 608959; john@thewinemakersclub.co.uk

The above information is provided with the intention simply of being helpful; no responsibility is accepted for its accuracy. No entry is sponsored.

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